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For Sale By Owner

Congratulations on your efforts as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner)!  East Lake Title, Inc. would like to assist you as you complete the sale of your home and become your title company.  East Lake Title, Inc.  is a full-service title agency that offers title insurance to the new owner and will assist the seller and buyer with all aspects of a home purchase from purchase contract to the closing.

Homeowners selling property themselves will find the East Lake Title, Inc. office very helpful.  Even if you successfully attract a buyer, it’s the selling part of the transaction that is the most difficult.  It can get more complicated when the buyer has a realtor who may try to direct the proceedings in a way different from what you, the seller, would like to do.  East Lake Title, Inc. assists those who go it alone, but need a business organization to examine and insure the title and finalize the transaction through closing.  You can sell your home without a realtor or an attorney, but you need a title service provider to examine and insure your title.  Should a realtor bring a buyer to you, East Lake Title, Inc. can help.

Why Choose East Lake Title, Inc?

  • CARE:  Selling your home yourself can be one of the most stressful experiences you will face.  You will be carefully guided every step of the way to handle the closing details.
  • COMMITMENT:  We’re committed to providing the best service and pricing in the industry.
  • CONFIDENCE:  You can sell your home yourself, without a realtor- and we’re here to help!

Remember you, the seller, choose the title company.

East Lake Title, Inc. works directly with customers, so we go the extra mile to guide you through the entire process.  And if you are interested in mortgage services for your next home or to prequalify your buyer, be sure and contact us at East Lake Lending, Inc. for more information on our full line of mortgage products, please go to or call the office at 727-787-2030.

To get you started, you can call for a FREE Home Seller’s Closing Package that will provide you with all of the paperwork you need.  There is no cost or obligation.  The information you will receive includes:

  • Home Seller’s guide to the Closing Process
  • Home Seller/Buyer Checklists
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Home Warranty Information
  • Preparing Your Home For Sale information
  • Settlement Costs information

Once you have received the information, call at 727-787-2030 (we actually answer the phone!).  I will work with you and answer your questions specific to your transaction.  The entire staff at East Lake Title, Inc. is here to ensure that your closing takes place as smoothly as possible.